Решение для банковского сектора

For banking sector

Ready-made Plans for banks and financial organizations

A bank that is always in touch with clients

Communication with clients is one of the most important elements in banking. MTT Plans make communication with clients SIMple, stable and convenient for both sides.

Calls are free for customers, raise your status and recognition

People call the 8-800 numbers far more frequently as they are free of charge all across Russia. The 8-800 numbers are easy to remember so they increase your brand awareness. Your clients will always know where to call when money is needed. In addition, toll free numbers contribute to the reputation of a respectable bank. People are used to the idea that only reputable, trustworthy companies use federal numbers.
Бесплатные звонки для клиентов банка

Staff and service quality control

Using the "Call recording" service you know how managers lead a conversation on the phone. You can improve service quality, supervise employees and train new ones. Call recording can serve as a proof in case of an argument with a client.
контроль общения операторов с клиентами

Send SMS texts and get feedback to increase customer loyalty

Outgoing SMS with a bank's Alpha-signature are not blocked by operators or deleted before reading. You can tell all clients instantly about new products and services or send a confirmation code to a particular client during a transaction. Incoming SMS allow you to receive reports about problems and solve them quickly.
связь по SMS с подписью банка

Automatic customer service

The Interactive Voice Response processes incoming calls without managers. It can greet, present your new services and products. Client chooses to get info in IVR or talk to a live rep. This way all clients can get immediate support and access all services with maximum convenience.
Автоматическое обслуживание клиентов банка

Choose a ready-made Plan

All MTT tools are included in our industry-specific Plans for businesses. We recommend that banks and financial institutions consider the following Plans: