Решение "Госсектору"

For government sector

Ready-made Plan for government agencies and non-profit organizations

All the public sector needs are taken into account

The main goal of state institutions and social non-profit organizations is to provide the population with accessible core services. Another important aspect of their activity is reporting to the supervisory authorities. We considered these major tasks and created a special MTT Plan for public sector enterprises.
Учтены все потребности предприятий госсектора

Federal 8-800 numbers

All calls to 8-800 numbers are free of charge in all the regions across Russia. The number with the national code is easy to remember and it gives an institution a reputable status. People will call your organization not troubling to waste money.
бесплатный номер для граждан

Managers' supervision and archive of requests

Recording calls between employees and the public helps to improve the service quality and monitor staff discipline. A manager has the basis to take measures in case of employee's inappropriate behavior. Also, in case of controversy or emergency it is easy to get a clear picture of how each employee or the entire organization worked on a certain day.
Контроль сотрудников и архив обращений

No more missed calls and waiting on line

With a multichannel virtual number you get an unlimited number of lines for receiving and making calls. People don't call busy numbers and do not wait for an answer on line. Thus, the quality of service improves and it results in positive feedback from the population.
многоканальный номер госсектору

Clear reports

MTT Plans integrate with CRM systems. This helps to track every request and its status. The system keeps updating details and costs of each request as it is being processed. This data can be easily transfered to the supervising authorities and used for statistic analysis.
Прозрачная отчетность

Choose a ready-made Plan

All MTT tools are included in our Plans for businesses of various types and sizes. To governmental and non-profit organizations we recommend to consider the following Plans: