решения для сервисных компаний

For service industry

Ready-made Plans for service providers

Attraction and retention of clients on your web website

Attraction of new clients in a certain region and turning them later into loyal customers - this is a key to success in service industry. MTT Plans for service providers are designed to attract local customers and inspire their trust.
повышайте лояльность к компании

Customer service in your city

Consumers prefer to order services from local companies. Whether it is plumbing works, ordering a pizza, booking a table in a restaurant or manicure - people will local landline numbers for such services. Having a landline number brings your company closer to potential customers.
используйте телефон с кодом вашего города

Analyze how to increase sales

Before ordering legal, medical or any other services customers usually want to consult a specialist. Callback button on your website enables them to contact your manager for free and get detailed answers to their questions.
предлагайте бесплатные консультации

SMS for comfortable work with database

Outgoing SMS enable you to inform all the clients about new services, promotions and discounts at once. Incoming messages help to receive feedback from customers, such as booking confirmations, clarification of delivery time etc.
рассылайте смс-оповещения

Free network for office and outsourced staff

In such spheres as courier delivery, taxi, construction and repair and installation works most of the company's employees work outside of office. FMC SIM-cards enable your employees to stay connected with managers and other colleagues for free. They can do without an Internet access - FMC SIM-cards work via local mobile operators networks.
Бесплатная связь для офисных и выездных сотрудников

Choose a ready-made Plan

All MTT tools are included in our industry-specific Plans for businesses. To service providers we recommend to consider the following Plans: