Решение для "Малого бизнеса"

For small businesses

Ready-made Soultions for startups

Launch your business without immense expenses

MTT Plans include all the necessary features to start up a new company, attract clients and manage sales. What's important you can do without big budgets and teams, as our services are designed to keep your business processes as simple and automated as possible with minimal investments.
упростим ваши бизнес-процессы

Talk to customers without buying expensive mini-PBX

Plans for small business include Virtual PBX - a cheap telephone service working via Internet that comes with a set of business tools aimed to boost sales, improve service quality and monitor employees. What's important you do not need to set up new telephone lines, buy and install expensive equipment - MTT specialists will set up and maintain the system. You can do without an office at all - work from home on a computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.
Виртуальная АТС включена в пакет услуг

Attract customers from all around Russia

Customers tend to call 8-800 numbers more often since they are toll-free in Russia. Keep up steady increase in sales by attracting new clients from all around the country. A vanity federal number is fairly easy to remember and it makes the company look trustworthy to new clients.
клиенты со всей России

Train your managers and increase sales

Recording calls with clients is a simple way to find out their wishes, doubts and suggestions. Keep the call records from your best employees to train new sales managers and make better deals. Playback the records, analyze them and change sale scripts. Analysis of records will ensure to keep up the steady increase in sales.
перенимайте опыт

Keep in touch with employees working from home

With our FMC SIM-cards it is easy to keep in touch with employees working out of office. You can listen to their calls with colleagues or clients, also collect statistics on incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Even without an Internet access. In addition, all outgoing calls from our SIM-cards will be identified as calls from the company's unified number.
контролируйте удаленных сотрудников

Make your website sell

The Callback widget enables any website visitors to reach your rep immediately. A dialogue and a personal approach stimulate additional sales. For example, right before leaving your website a potential customer sees a pop-up window offering a special deal: "Order a Callback now. If we don't call you back in 30 seconds, you get 15% off the deal". This message helps to engage clients, whiles the Callback quickly puts a manager through to a client. The widget can be tailored to fit your website style.
увеличьте продажи с сайта

Choose a ready-made Plan

All MTT features are included in our Plans designed for businesses of various types and sizes. For all kinds of small companies we suggest to consider the following Plans: