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Solution for online stores

Tools of the MTT Platform allow you to automate the routine actions of sellers.

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Automated self-service system

Tools of the MTT platform allow you to organize a developed self-service system and automate after-sales service processes. Increase sales by modern technology and minimize the impact of the human factor.

организация системы самообслуживания

Increase operator efficiency

Integration of the platform and data from CRM-systems allows you to store the history of interaction with customers. & nbsp;

When you receive a call to the contact center on the screen of the operator opens a customer card from CRM. The operator sees information as may be needed & mdash; buyer status, average check, past purchases, plus recommendations on related purchases.

необходимая информация для оператора

Optimization of the service process

The MTT platform allows you to implement a customer self-service system depending on the specified characteristics, for example, connect VIP clients with a personal manager, and transfer clients with a small check to self-service mode from the IVR menu.

реализация системы самообслуживания

Automated order confirmation

After the customer forms an order on the website, the system automatically makes a call to confirm the order, the date and time of delivery. It uses synthesized voice technology. The client can automatically change the time and date of delivery, as well as order details. The algorithm minimizes errors in the order data and avoids delivery disruptions. & Nbsp;

подтверждение заказа

Abandoned basket

The platform automatically makes a call with an IVR reminder for a client who has not completed an order on the site.
In case of questions from the client, it is possible to forward the call to the operator.

напоминание о товарах


Platform capabilities are not limited to calls. With the help of integration, it is possible to send customers information about orders in the form SMS messages in messengers, receive feedback from customers, offering to evaluate the quality of the delivery service. Just respond to SMS and customer feedback will be delivered to the online store information system. & Nbsp;

Обратная связь в магазине

Delivery Service Control

Technology FMC allows you to control the work of the courier service. Corporate SIM - the card allows you to communicate with the client via a short number & ndash; order number, for example. In this case, all conversations with the client are recorded and displayed in the CRM system. This allows you to quickly resolve disputes and evaluate the work of the courier. & Nbsp; & nbsp; .

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