коммуникации с клиентами

Solutions for customer service:

Managing the process of communication with customers

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Customer service automation

The functions of the platform allow you to automate customer service and create a single information space for receiving, processing and storing customer requests. Automation of customer service contributes to a positive image of the company and increase customer loyalty.

Автоматизация обслуживания

Intelligent IVR - customer personalization

The MTT platform, using data from CRM, manages and dynamically adjusts the IVR menu for each client individually.

This allows you to realize the event and individual greeting of the client, and also gives you the opportunity to notify about promotions and special offers.

Интеллектуальный IVR

Call Distribution and Peak Load Optimization

The platform automatically detects the geography of the caller and balances calls between sites, depending on the number of the caller, region, time of day, day of the week and contact center load.
In the case of mass calls, the MTT platform reports a long waiting time for a response and offers a callback, recording customer data in CRM. Later, the platform itself initiates a callback to the client, connecting with a free operator.

Распределение звонков

New level of communication with the client

Integration of the platform and data from CRM-systems allows you to store the history of interaction with customers. When you receive a call to the contact center on the screen of the operator opens a client card from CRM. The operator sees information as may be needed & mdash; recent operations, problems, past purchases, etc.

коммуникаций с клиентом с историей действий

Analytics call termination reasons

The functions of the platform allow you to collect and analyze the causes (codes) of the call termination. Phone Call can be completed for various reasons as dependent on the subscriber (busy, not responding, wrong number), and from the operator (hung up, not waiting for the connection, ended the conversation on his own))

Analysis of such data will allow to establish in more detail the reasons for the callback and evaluate the work of the operators.

анализ потерь

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