улучшение качества обслуживания в магазине

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Automate self-service and increase customer loyalty

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Customer service efficiency growth

Implementation Modern integration technologies in the classic retail market allows achieving the most efficient customer service process.

эффективное обслуживание покупателей

Single window of communication with the client

The MTT platform allows you to build a omnichannel customer service procedure. For example, a client can book goods and arrange delivery via instant messenger, sms, form on the site, etc.
Your employees will be able to process all messages in digital channels: e-mails, appeals on social networks, chat rooms, instant messengers, mobile applications in a single queue.

омниканальное обслуживание

Automatic activation of customer cards

Implementing the solution for self-activation of the client’s cards on a call will reduce the load on the contact center support service.
The IVR will play a greeting asking to enter the card number, after entering the platform, contact the store information system and activate the customer card.

активации карт по звонку

Stress Testing

Simulate the load on the contact center and CRM to identify the bandwidth threshold. Allows you to check the readiness of telephony and CRM-systems to increase the flow of calls during the promotional period and sales.
The service helps to determine the maximum possible number of calls. This information is necessary to plan advertising campaigns and save marketing budget.

порог пропускной способности

Quality control system

When a customer calls the number specified at the checkout, 80% of applications remain unresolved. This is due to the lack of a unified system for monitoring customer requests.
The MTT quality control system will allow you to receive statistics on customer appeals: records of conversations with store employees, status of appeals, feedback from the client about the quality of the store.

контроль качества

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