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Lead generation for traffic aggregators

The real numbers of customers are replaced by MTT numbers, which excludes a direct connection between the supplier and the customer. For example, a customer orders a table from a lead aggregator for restaurants. The MTT platform sends a call to a restaurant, but the number of the aggregator, which receives a fee from the restaurant for each customer, is determined.

Лидогенерация для агрегаторов трафика

Protection of personal information

When placing ads on the site, the platform allows the user to hide his real number, replacing it with an alternative, temporary number. 

Защита персональных данных

The convenience of use

When you delete an ad from a site, the number specified in the ad becomes unavailable. This allows the user to avoid calls on irrelevant ads.. 

удаление неактуальных телефонов

Statistics on calls made on the site

The function of recording calls allows online sites to analyze statistics on ads: what percentage of dialing,   the average number of calls to complete a transaction, etc.

анализ заявок

Customer database protection

The platform assigns a substitute virtual number to each contact. With this solution, the lead database owner maintains the anonymity of real customer contact information. 

анонимность контактных данных

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