средство связи для службы такси

MTT service for taxi:

Solution based on Incognito service for Uber: driver control, comfort and passenger safety

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Taxi Security Base

Instead of real numbers of taxi clients, virtual ones are displayed. A passenger calls a taxi and the MTT platform connects it with the designated driver. The driver speaks with the client through the service, but not directly, which eliminates the overflow of the company's customer base.

защита данных клиента

Protection of personal information

When a passenger calls the driver, instead of the numbers both interlocutors, virtual numbers are displayed. Communication is carried out through a single identifiable number (ABC / 8-800).
After completing the trip, the passenger can contact the same driver, for example, if he forgot his personal belongings in the cabin. The MTT platform, having addressed to the database, will connect with the driver with whom the trip was made.

скрытие номеров клиентов

Communication control of the driver and passenger

All negotiations between the passenger and the driver are recorded. This allows you to evaluate the quality of service, monitor the behavior of drivers and train new employees. The driver is not able to make calls directly to the passenger, bypassing the platform.

запись переговоров пассажира и водителя

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