Callback / Обратный звонок с сайта


Callback button to increase online sales

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Units for attracting customers and increasing sales

Web-widgets attract new visitors, focus their attention on the website or on a corporate social media page and with a sale script turn them into regular customers.
Web-виджеты для роста продаж

Keeping visitors on the website

With the help of "Smart feedback widget" and "Online assistant" visitors can get help and start a conversation with your rep in mere seconds. In the MTT personal account you can receive messages from customers and reach clients by Skype, VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and Viber.
Умный виджет обратной связи

Converting visitors into customers

"Mob mentality" widget nudges visitors to repeat actions after other customers - buy, call or request a callback, register or subscribe to your newsletter. Use ready-made persuasive scripts or create your own ways to motivate customers.
Виджет Стадное чувство

Your trouble-free offer

The visitor to the website did not find the necessary product or hesitates to buy. The "Smart feedback widget" pops up with your special offer. For example: "Please, enter your phone number. If we do not cope to call you in 30 seconds, you will get one service for free. " There is no risk - the widget is guaranteed to call back within the specified time.
Виджет Оценка качества

Online assistant

Free online advice is very important for the visitors of medical institutions' websites, as well as legal, consulting, advertising and marketing agencies. "Online assistant" allows a client to get instant and free feedback from a proper specialist.
Виджет Онлайн-консультант

Units that collect statistics and manage business

With the "Web-widget" Plan you get a detailed statistics on clients' behavior, calls and closed deals. Our widgets integrate easily with major analytics services (AmoCRM, Bitrix24 etc.) and social media.
модуль для сбора статистики

"Quality check" service

This service enables you to get statistics of users' actions and analyze the website's strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess the quality of team work. Create customer surveys, product and service ratings to improve service quality. This widget is activated together with "Smart feedback widget" and/or "Live chat".
интеграция модуля с соц.сетями

Smart manager's account

In your personal account you can interact with clients by a variety of communication channels: call and receive calls and callback requests, keep up mail and SMS correspondence, receive messages and respond in messengers and social services, such as Telegram, Vkontakte, Viber, Skype, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Slack and others.
удобный кабинет менеджера

Customize design and texts

Widget's design and the pop up text are easily customized. Offer a discount to new customers and suggest the permanent ones to chek out new offers. The background and colors can be changed according to the website's design.

SIM-cards for business

To install and set up web-widgets you do not need special skills or help from an IT. Activate them on your own right now and manage all channels of communication through a personal account.

"Web-widgets" features are included into MTT Plans

All MTT features are included into our Plans for various types of business. If you are interested in "Web-widgets", one of the Plans will totally suit you.