Услуга "SIM-карты для бизнеса"

SIM-cards for business

Statistics and staff supervision on a mobile phone without an Internet access

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Virtual PBX for running business via cell phones

MTT SIM-cards turn cell phones into office phones. They can be added to the VPBX and your company's office network. Mobile phones do not require Internet access.
Виртуальная АТС для бизнеса на смартфоне

Affordable connection

Cut on communication expenses: long-distance and international calls are charged at the IP-telephony rates. For example, a call to the US is only 2 RUB/min. Calls within a company's network are absolutely free.
Экономие на связи

Statistics of all calls

Keep statistics on received and missed calls. In the report you will see a list of numbers, the date and time, duration and cost of each call. Assess the costs for communication and employees' work.
статистика по принятым и пропущенным звонкам

Do not miss clients

Set up call-forwarding to the employees' landline and mobile numbers. The IVR voice menu answers calls without manager's involvement. And during non-working hours clients leave messages to voice mail. Thus you do not miss a single call from customers.
Не упускайте клиентов

Staff supervision

Call recordings of managers' conversations can be played or downloaded to a mobile device. Listen to calls, train new sales managers, find out what you need and get advantage in controversial arguments.
контроль сотрудников

Unified network of office and mobile phones

MTT SIM-cards are united in a corporate toll-free network. It only takes to activate SIM-cards and give them to employees so that they start receiving calls and calling customers from the company's unified number.
Единая сеть

You become a mobile operator on your own

In your personal account you can link any phone number to a SIM-card, put them into groups and set up call-forwarding. Break the rules of mobile operators. At any time you can give or restrict access to different functions for each employee's SIM-card.
настройка SIM-карт сотрудников

All in one window

Pay only one bill for corporate communication both for landline and mobile phones. In a smart personal account you can find out rates, activate new services, get bills and many more.
вся информация в личном кабинете

No link to private numbers

Customers call on a single corporate number, whiles they are transferred to employees' mobile device wherever they are. Also, all outgoing calls from your employees are identified as one company number.
интеграция с личным номером

Client base security

If an employee leaves, assign their number to another manager. Customers will continue calling a familiar number and their calls will be always answered. Office and freelance colleagues stay connected by short extension numbers for free.
защита клиентской базы

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