Запись телефонных разговоров

Call recording

Staff control, training and increase in sales

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Sales growth

Improve sales scripts on the basis of managers' call records. You may teach new employees, reduce the number of rejections and increase sales.
все для роста продаж

Training sales managers

Call records will turn your managers into sales experts. A newcomer may listen to successull and unsuccessful examples of colleagues’ calls and train to do better.
Обучение продавцов

Improve sales scripts

Enforce sales scripts with the help of call records. Examples of successful talks will help to make your offer better and unsuccessful ones - to get rid of unnecessary words and gain experience.
сценарии продаж

Advantage in arguments

Provide unsatisfied client with a call recording as a proof in a controversial situation. Avoid a conflict and handle arguments head on.
разрешение спорных ситуаций

Staff control

Listening to call records you may find out how managers interact with clients. Increase quality of service and find out about inappropriate behavior of some sales people.
контроль подчиненных

Save on calls

Monitor personal calls of employees and save money. Call records let you know who makes business calls and who talks to friends at the company expense.
экономия на звонках

Client base security

Prevent information leaks. Listen to records and make sure your managers don't loose customers and don't liaise with competitors neglecting company's goals.
защита базы данных клиентов

Remote staff supervision

You may play or download call records onto your mobile.
There is no need sit in the office in order to monitor how your managers cope.
Удаленный контроль подчиненных


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