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Incoming and outgoing SMS for communication with clients

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Communication with clients by SMS

Communicate with clients by SMS. You will have access both to outgoing and incoming messages.
переписка с клиентами

Feedback from clients

By SMS texts clients may book a table in a restaurant or call for a shop manager. Inspire client's loyalty by placing an ad "Send a message if the queue ahead is more than 3 people".
постоянное взаимодействие с клиентами

Automatic notifications

SMS may be sent automatically. For instance if a vending machine lacks goods or that cash compartment is full. A service manager will receive a text and fix the problem.
автоматические оповещения

SMS send outs in the company's name

Create your Alfa signature so that clients could recognize your company. Such messages are not blocked by telecom carriers.
SMS-рассылки от фирмы

Instant notification to the whole base

You may immediately inform all your clients about offers, special deals and discounts.
массовая отправка смс по базе

Sending out without a link to number

A company located, for instance, in Saratov may send SMS texts from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of RF and abroad.
рассылка сообщений по всему миру

Individual approach to clients

By an SMS you may remind a client to top up the balance, confirm an order and delivery address,
remind about the goods left in an online cart.
You decide if clients can initiate chats or just receive your messages.
индивидуальное сопровождение клиента

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