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Virtual PBX

Affordable communication and business tools in one service

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What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX (VPBX) is a platform for combining business tools and "smart" telephone communication over the Internet. VPBX replaces bulky office mini PBX, it does not require wires and additional equipment. If needed we are ready to install the equipment ourselves. Subscribers use network at any place and from any gadget (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone etc.)

All business problems are solved

We have studied the market and business needs of various industries before elaborating MTT Plans on the basis of VPBX. Combination of basic VPBX features and additional services for specific types of businesses allows solving all problems of your company.

Simple settings

In order to finetune a VPBX you don’t require technical skills. Everything is designed in a simple and clear way. If you have questions don't hesitate to call our 24/7 support.
Преимущества атс

No installation fee

VPBX does not require wires, installation and equipment set up. Enjoy all features on the day of connection.
ВАТС не требует прокладки линий

Free internal use

No matter where and how many employees work - all communication between them are absolutely free.
Бесплатная связь

Freedom of movement

VPBX is not bound to the office wires, equipment or terms of local operators. You get calls from clients worldwide. When changing offices VPBX moves together with your company and will operate the same way at a new place.
ВАТС работает без ограничений по всему миру

Virtual PBX is included into all MTT Plans

VPBX is by default included into all MTT Plans. Choose any Plan that fits your business - all VPBX options are already in for free.
Включена во все Решения МТТ