Услуга "Городской номер"

Local landline number

Local landline number

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VOIP tariffs

Trust of clients from 89 cities

When choosing goods or services clients tend to call companies with local landline numbers. For instance, a company from Omsk having virtual numbers of Moscow and St. Petersburg may cater for clients from these cities too.
Доверие клиентов в 92 городах

Never miss a client

Receive 100 incoming calls simultaneously. With a Multichannel number your clients will not hear a "busy line" and leave for competitors.
Ни один клиент не будет потерян

Service quality improvement

Virtual number may help you improve the service for free. IVR and call-forwarding make communication with your company more convenient for subscribers.
Виртуальный городской номер для улучшения качества обслуживания


If there is nobody in the office, incoming calls will redirect to home or mobile phones. At night calls transfer to voice mail and a manager can listen to a message in the morning and call back.
Переадресация звонков на указанный номер

Customer care

IVR receives incoming calls, greets clients and introduces the company. A client gets the necessary information instantly or chooses to talk to a manager.
голосовое меню

Connection on the day of request

Leave a request for a virtual number and talk to clients on the same day without delay, no need to buy equipment, bother with complicated settings.
Подключение в день подачи заявки

No fee for equipment

Having a virtual number you can save time and money, don't waste it on wires or equipment purchase, installation and set up. Right after the first payment you start calling and receiving calls.
Без затрат на аппаратуру

Quick connection

To activate a virtual number you need to register on the website and choose a Plan. It will take you just a few minutes.
быстрая настройка и подключение

Simple settings

All settings are clear and followed by prompts. You can cope without an IT support. If you have questions don't hesitate to call our 24/7 support.
Легко настроить

No voice distortion and noise

Due to our fruitful cooperation with carriers all over Russia we transfer voice signal immediately and without noise.
Без искажений голоса и помех

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