8-800 numbers

Setup fee:

From 7500

Subscription fee:

1200 ₽/per month

About the service

A vanity phone number is a key to your customers' memory. A recognizable federal prefix 8-800 is followed by a repeating digits' combination (e.g. 8-800-555-11-55). The simpler the number in an advertisement, the harder it is to forget. A rhyming slogan can further increase its memorability.

  • A high status of your company in the customers' eyes
  • Cost-effective communication rates
  • Virtual Exchange comes free in a bundle with a 8-800 vanity number
Solutions that include this service:

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"Sales Office" Package
Landline number 1
Free outbound minutes 700
8800 number 1
Free inbound minutes 200
Workplaces 5
Call recording free
MTT's SIM cards 5
Set-up fee
2 500₽
Subscription fee
2 500₽
Full rate .pdf
"8800" Package
8800 number 8800 number 1
Free inbound minutes 300
Workplaces 2
MTT's SIM cards 2
WEB Widgets 2
SMS 50
Mobile number 1
Set-up fee
Subscription fee
1 200₽
Full rate .pdf

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  1. Easy Toll Free Dialing

    Thanks to the repeated numbers, the customer cannot make mistakes when dialing your company number. And since calls to 8-800 are free from all over Russia, contacting the company does not involve the risk of losing money for the call.
  2. The high status of the company in the eyes of the client

    Consumers are used to thinking that behind the federal code 8-800, especially with a repeating combination of numbers in the number, are the largest companies - industry leaders. However, today the connection of a beautiful number 8-800 is available even for small companies.
  3. Platinum number for 1 ruble

    We have 100 platinum numbers, any of which you can connect for just 1 ruble. Subscription fee - 1000 rubles per month. The minimum monthly payment for communication services must be at least 100,000 rubles.
  4. Business-Specific Number

    The beautiful 8-800 number is ideal for sales, delivery, and customer support across a wide range of businesses. At the same time, it can be connected simply and quickly, and calls through it are very beneficial compared to other types of communication.
  5. Easy connection and use

    A beautiful number 8-800 can be connected remotely in a few minutes. Go through registration, sign an electronic agreement with MTT, pay for the service and start receiving calls from customers. 24/7 technical support will help you with any questions.
  6. Favorable rates for communication

    All calls to 8-800 from any number in Russia are made at favorable rates for IP-telephony, which is much cheaper than paying for services of city, mobile and cellular operators. < / span>
  7. Free Virtual PBX complete with a beautiful number 8-800

    With Virtual PBX, your 8-800 number becomes multi-channel, which allows you to receive several calls at the same time. The IVR voice menu welcomes customers, processes incoming calls without the participation of managers and relieves employees. Includes statistics for all calls with number, date, duration and cost of each call, customizable blacklists, voicemail and fax.


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