Vanity mobile
phone numbers

Setup fee:

From 1500

Subscription fee:

150 ₽/per month

About the service

A vanity phone number will show your customers that you pay attention to details, that you are reliable and aim at long-term cooperation. It will help gain customers' trust and loyalty. A vanity number will create an impression of a respectful brand even if you are a small company or a beginner. It will also help you stand out among your competitors.

A vanity mobile phone number is used by HoReCa organizations: hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes and catering companies. They are also preferred by goods and food delivery companies, taxi and service companies, hotlines and customer helpdesks. A vanity number is perfect for bulk messaging and can be also used for cold calls.

  • An easy-to-remember number
  • By 30% more calls
  • Virtual Exchange comes free in a bundle with a vanity number
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  1. More calls by 30%

    Customers will start calling you more often. It will be easier for them to remember exactly your simple combination of numbers, and not the complex phone of competitors.
  2. A number that you can easily remember

    You can choose a number with repeating digits: for example, 8-ABC-AB-AB or mirrored: 8-ABC-C-CBA. If you have a 4-digit short number, we will find a duplicate combination or the most similar one.
  3. Number with value

    Choose a combination with special numbers, such as a region number for a delivery service or 03 for a private clinic. Connect a symbolic number that coincides with the year of foundation of the company or with another important date for you.
  4. Raising the company's status

    A beautiful number will show customers your attention to detail, reliability and commitment to long-term cooperation. It will build customer confidence and increase customer loyalty. A beautiful number will create the impression of a solid brand, even for a small company or a newcomer to the market. It will also help you stand out from the crowd of competitors.
  5. Just remember and dial

    A beautiful number is easy to remember, it is difficult to make a mistake when dialing. Such a combination sounds good, it is easy to dictate it over the phone or voice it in a radio commercial. You can enhance your ad campaign by rhyming a number or showing its simplicity visually.
  6. Saving time for clients

    A multichannel number is able to receive many calls simultaneously. Clients do not have to wait and listen to beeps, they will immediately go to the right specialist.
  7. The number is not tied to a city or region

    If you want to expand your zone of influence, open additional branches or move your entire office, the number will stay with you.


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