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IVoIP means voice communication through Internet. This type of communication is a lot cheaper than analogue or mobile communication. For example, you can call all Russian mobile numbers for 1.08 rouble per minute free of VAT. Unlike mobile communication, it has no roaming rates. You do not need any wired equipment or office exchanges. All the equipment stays with the provider; subscribers just use it remotely from their personal smartphones or laptops. But the main advantage of VoIP is its price. Internet communication is, on average, by 90% cheaper than analogue, mobile or satellite communication.

  • Not setup costs
  • Free corporate communication
  • Quick online setup
Solutions that include this service:

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"Sales Office" Package
Landline number 1
Free outbound minutes 700
8800 number 1
Free inbound minutes 200
Workplaces 5
Call recording free
MTT's SIM cards 5
Set-up fee
2 500₽
Subscription fee
2 500₽
Full rate .pdf
"8800" Package
8800 number 1
Free inbound minutes 300
Workplaces 2
MTT's SIM cards 2
WEB Widgets 2
SMS 50
Mobile number 1
Set-up fee
Subscription fee
1 200₽
Full rate .pdf
City Room Package
Landline number 1
Free minutes exodus. 300
Workplaces 2
MTT's SIM cards 2
WEB Widgets 2
SMS 50
Mobile number 1
Set-up fee
Subscription fee
Full rate .pdf

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  1. No connection costs

    Telephony does not require laying lines, purchasing, installing and configuring equipment. You start using advantageous telephone communication on the day you submit your application.
  2. Free corporate communication

    In any MTT Package there are jobs with short internal numbers for company employees. It doesn't matter in which cities employees are located - communication between them is free.
  3. Simple to connect, easy to use

    With IP telephony, you get high-quality and reliable communication with your customers on the day of application. There is no need to involve IT specialists or to understand complex settings.
  4. Quick Connect

    You can connect it in a few minutes. Register on the website and conclude an agreement with MTT by e-mail. Pay for the selected Package and you can make and receive calls.
  5. Simple settings

    No need to contact an IT specialist. All settings are clear, there are hints everywhere. You can always contact the 24/7 technical support service.
  6. High-quality communication

    Try our services for free and evaluate the quality of communication for 5 hours of free calls.


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