Speech synthesis

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Speech synthesis is a way to transform any text typed on a PC in its voice version. Speech synthesis-based applications are often used by call centres and companies with telephone customer support services. This method is useful if multiple answers are possible for automated notification during a call. If information is unique for each call, it is impossible to record all possible phrases in advance.

The following scenarios for using voice synthesis are possible:

  • Customer salutation by name.
  • Announcement of information (account balance, next payment date, office working hours, the nearest bank office, document delivery date etc.).
  • Offering unique bonuses, discounts and services
  • Notification during an outbound call. For example, a customer places an order. The service calls him to confirm delivery date and time. Then the service asks to press 1 or say "Right" to confirm the information.
  • 24/7 information service
  • A choice of voices

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