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Load the necessary contacts into MTT's service, set up call sequence and time The service will call the subscribers to announce:

  • the date and time of their hospital appointment
  • a change in the procedure for filing their holiday requests
  • car inspection appointment details, technician's name and time
  • delivery time for orders from online shops or delivery services

If it is necessary to change appointment time, the service transfers the call to a manager. If everything is OK and the appointment has been confirmed, it will send the customer a message with the necessary details.

  • Immediate customer notification
  • Transparent call status report
  • By 25% cheaper than the existing notification channels
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The way it works

The company uploads subscriber numbers to the service for calling.

The service makes an outgoing call to the subscriber and informs about the date and time of the appointment or reminds that the funds on the account are running out. If necessary, the service transfers the call to the operator or sends an SMS with additional information or a link to pay the bill.

Communication results, call duration, number of sent SMS are recorded in the report.

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