МТТ VoiceBox

Quickly communicate important information, collect customer feedback and raise customer loyalty

From 1,5 ₽/per minute

3 ₽/SMS

What is МТТ VoiceBox

Voice Box is a service that automates routine processes: you can build up your own scenario for the service to call, accept calls, send messages and prepare the reports you need.

The service can make outbound calls and send messages to:

  • announce the opening of your cafe after quarantine
  • notify of appointments
  • remind of car inspection appointments
  • make special offers

The service accepts calls to:

  • answer to frequently asked questions - e.g. about the nearest shop
  • tell your employees where to find the recent holiday application form
  • register a loyalty card
  • Online shops, delivery services
  • Car dealers, beauty salons, healthcare institutions
  • HR

MTT VoiceBox providers the following solutions:

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